Basil is a character I made for a PBEM campaign.

Basileusagurentir ("Basil")

Gallifreyan male
Played by Chuck Durfee
Created March 2000, last revised May 2000


Strength 3
Agility 4
Knowledge 5
Move 3
Size 3
Weight 4

Special Power

Regenerates (12 left)

Abilities (8 pts)

Cheat Death [STR] 1
Gadgetry [KNO] 1
Martial Arts [AGL] 1
Resourceful Pockets [KNO] 1
Running [MOV] 1
Serendipity [KNO] 1
Temporal Science [KNO] 1

Physical Skills (8 pts)

Archery 1
Brawling 1
Gymnastics 1
Hide 1
Physical Hobby (Chariot Racing) 1
Small Melee Weapons 1
Stealth 1
Wood and Metal Working 1

Mental Skills (10 pts)

Detective Work 1
Engineering 1
First Aid 1
History 2
Mathematics 1
Mechanics 1
Medicine 1
Science 1
Wilderness Lore 1


Basil seems to be a clean-shaven man in his early 30's. He has sandy,
curly hair, and intense green eyes. His clothing of choice is a white
Byzantine coptic tunic with ruffed sleeves (which to a modern observer
might be reminiscent of a terry bathrobe sleeves, despite being made of
light wool). The tunic's cobalt blue trim would remind any Gallifreyan
of ancient runiforms, though they are simply decorative. The segmente of
the tunic (placed where the pockets on said bathrobes reside) are done in
indigo in the shape of the Seal of Rassilon. He wears a darker brown
paludamentum (a semi-circular cape), fastened on the right shoulder with
a handsome brooch. White braies (like breeches) and leather shoes round
out the outfit. All in all, he would fit right in in Constantinople.

Normal Pocket Items

Bag of nuts or other snack food
Walking stick


Basil started his first historical research field assignment at the
Prydonian Academy by contradicting his professor, Azreal (q.v. The Twin
Dilemma), in a small point about the origins of the First Renaissance on
Earth. Azrael decided that a trip to the height of the Byzantine Empire
could prove quite "educational", so he checked out a TARDIS for Basil and
arranged to meet him after a couple of months.

Even then, Basil was a competent TARDIS pilot, but nothing could have
prepared him for the problems he had en route. The TARDIS had been built
with a slightly flawed mathematical model and lost integrity. His
supervisor became lost in the Vortex. By freak chance, Basil was near a
junction with reality and was able to land, only two centuries ahead of
and thousands of kilometers from his target! Due to the damage the
TARDIS had sustained (fortunately the chameleon circuit was easily
repaired), he could not send a strong enough signal to Gallifrey.
Instead of risking losing the chameleon circuit and knowing that the
TARDIS still had a few centuries of viability, he chose to wait for his
rendezvous with Azrael.

During his time amongst the Romanioi (as they called themselves),
"Basileus Sgouros" became a somewhat successful artisan and chariot racer
for the Greens. He's met most every famous person alive during that
time, and is an occasional name-dropper. He tinkered with the broken
TARDIS for quite some time, so most of what he learned of temporal
mechanics and block transfer computations is self-taught.

When Azrael arrived at the rendezvous to discuss Basil's findings, he
became quite sad. As Basil told him what happened, he realized an
opportunity to do something he'd always dreamed of doing. He helped
Basil repair his TARDIS (Basil was surprisingly close) and upon his
return, marked Basil as being on "sabbatical".

Over the course of the next several decades, Azrael joined him on simple,
enjoyable adventures from time to time, but somewhat recently Basil has
lost contact with Azrael. During their time together, Azrael convinced
Basil that he was better off away from the politics and decay of
Gallifrey, but Basil still wonders what things are like back home. Basil
has yet to meet any of the threats to travellers he'd heard about as a
student, and is half-tempted to land on Skaro to debunk the "Dalek"

[ GM note: If the GM feels that Driving covers animal-driven vehicles as
well as self-propelled vehicles (all the examples in the rules are
self-propelled), Driving might be a better choice than Physical Hobby. ]


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