Choose which of the following workspace your ship includes. The Scientist and Miracle Worker playbooks make use of Workspaces.

If the Scientist playbook is in play, choose 1 per rank of ship size:

a deep sensor array, specialized sensor probes, a garden, a microgravity laboratory, an stellar cartography lab, research staff (Johnson, Matthews, Sokar), a cargo bay, a shuttle or Runabout, a shuttle repair bay, an expanded science lab (can take multiple times, one per discipline), an improved communications array, a proving range or holodeck, new tech device prototype, countermeasures

If the Miracle Worker playbook is in play, choose 1 per rank of ship size:

improved warp speed, improved warp efficiency, improved impulse, better maneuverability, improved transporter range, improved transporter accuracy, improved docking clamps, improved tractor beam range, improved tractor beam power, faster shuttle bay launch, improved computer library, improved computer speed, industrial matter replicator, experimental ship system ready for field testing, improved damage control procedures

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