Savvy - Reflexive/Graceful (cool)
Charm - Persuasive/Assertive (hot)
Bold - Aggressive/Forceful (hard)
Logic - Calculating/Methodical (sharp)
Strange - Inquisitive/Exploratory (weird)


The relationship stat is called “ties”.

When you help someone or hinder them, that has its own basic move, and you roll your ties.

Helping and Hindering PCs

When you help someone or hinder them, roll your ties with that person. On a 10+, add or subtract 2 from their roll. On a 7-9, the MC will name a cost; if you accept the cost, add or subtract 2 from their roll.

At the start of the game, each player will assign the following ties scores that their character has toward the other PCs: +2 for the one they know best, -1 for the one they know least, and +1 for all others. They will also list “NPCs - 0,” as the default is that they have a relationship score with all NPCs that starts at 0.

Ties will go up and down over play:

• Whenever two characters have a special scene together, their scores go up by 1.
• Whenever a character defies another character’s orders, they take a +2 bonus forward, but their relationship score goes down by 1.
• Characters can make meaningful sacrifices for someone, and their relationship score toward that person will go up by one.

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