Choose 2-3 mission profiles the ship normally engages in:

mercy mission, patrol, escort, repair an observatory, chart a new sector, enforce quarantine, shore leave, combat piracy, peacekeeping force, survey a new planet, investigate an anomaly, supply mission, protect embassy, trade dispute resolution, transport foreign dignitary, transport Federation envoy or ambassador, observe a tense election, investigate a crime, rebuild from a disaster, archaeological dig, military exercise, host a conference, transport a prisoner, solve a mystery, form a blockade, break a blockade, observe emerging species while upholding Prime Directive, joint Marine mission

Choose 2-3 environments where the ship is normally found:

alpha quadrant, deep space, Starfleet headquarters, nebula, gas giant, Federation member world, barren moon, M-class planet, inhospitable planet, independent star system, asteroid belt, enemy territory, shore leave world, Badlands, starbase, wormhole, temporal flux

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