When you examine something with a tricorder, roll+strange. On a hit, you can ask the MC questions. Whenever you act on one of the MC’s answers, take +1. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7–9, ask 1:
• what is it made of?
• what does it do?
• how do operate it?
• how do I fix it?
• how do I disable it?
On a miss, the thing can’t be read.


See AW, p. 162 for more examples.

0-harm: grappling, physical restraint
1-harm: punching, kicking, improvised weapons, agonizer
2-harm: handgun, crossbow, laser gun
3-harm: phaser on kill, disrupter
4-harm: phaser rifle on kill
5-harm: phaser on overload, sonic grenade

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