Starship Crews

The Captain playbook uses Crews.


By default, your crew consists of about 15 officers with standard equipment, fresh from the academy (2-harm crew small savage 1-armor). The size of the crew is actually dependent on the size of the vessel. See the Helmsman playbook for more information. In the absence of a Helmsman, you captain a small vessel.

Then, choose 1:

  • your crew works well together, treat them like they were of the next larger size.
  • a contingent of Marines is stationed on-board. +1 harm.
  • your crew's well-disciplined. Drop savage.
  • your crew's accustomed to exploration, and is able to maintain and repair its own bikes without a home base. It gets +mobile.

And, choose 1 vulnerability.

Crew Tags

Mobile: as the AW gang tag. The crew's not tied to a home base, like a space station. This crew often takes on patrol or escort duties, where it has frequent access to a base.
Unruly: as the AW gang tag
Vulnerable: as the AW gang tag

  • Breakdown: the crew's effectiveness will be hampered until it can get shore leave
  • Desertion: the better members of the crew seek transfers
  • Grounded: the ship's effectiveness will be hampered until it can get to spacedock for repairs
  • Obligation: the ship is in a quadrant with a hands-on admiral
  • Reprisals: discipline is lax, and the senior officers punish their juniors
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