The Captain

Excels at diplomacy, tactics, being dashing


See the Crew page.

Starting Moves

Pick 2.

  • Battle-hardened, as the Gunlugger move from AW
  • Daredevil, as the Driver move from AW
  • Leadership
  • That's An Order


As the Leadership move in AW for Hardholders
On a miss, your lose the support of the crew, who will act in self-preservation.

That's an order

This is similar to the AW move for Choppers

When you try to impose your will on your crew, roll+bold.
On a 10+, all 3.
On a 7–9, choose 1:
• they do what you want
• they don’t fight back over it
• you don’t have to reprimand one of them
On a miss, someone in your crew reports your behavior to Starfleet.

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