A Bones excels at being a doctor, conscience of the crew, and some degree of bedside manner. Examples include Dr. McCoy, Dr. Crusher, and Dr. Phlox.


Thomasson, Edmonds, Davidson, Scarlinsky, Gillfilling, Paxter, Patel, Lemmons, Hubbard, Raymond, Carlise

Doc, Bones, Cutter, Butcher


Uniform, utility wear + uniform, scrubs + uniform

Pick face and eyes as an Angel in AW.

Starting moves

Choose 2:

  • Battlefield grace: as the Angel move from AW
  • Bedside manner: as the Bard move from DW
  • Experimental treatment: akin to the Angel move Healing Touch from AW. Instead of opening your brain to the psychic maelstrom, you boldly go where no one has gone before. The effect is the same, the trappings are different.
  • Medical Lore
  • Professional compassion: as the Angel move from AW
  • Sickbay: as the Angel move Infirmary from AW
  • Touched by death: as the Angel move from AW
  • Xenobiologist: when you are investigating an unknown ailment, roll+logic instead of roll+strange.

Medical Lore

Pick a department: microbiology, xenobiology, or life sciences

When you first encounter a creature, location, or item covered by your medical lore you can ask the MC any one question about it; the MC will answer truthfully. The MC may then ask you what field study, residency, lecture, or previous mission you learned that information in.


Bones start with a field medical kit (angel kit).

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