Basic Moves


Go Aggro and Seize By Force

Starfleet personnel rarely "go aggro" on each other in the Apocalypse World sense, nor do they seize items by force.

However, they do engage in sharp debate, trying to force their point home. Spock and McCoy were famous for this in the Original Series. Often the loser wouldn't agree, yet would withdraw their objection.

Though the posturing looks different, the effects of the move are the same. (idea: does this imply a separate social stress clock?)

Seduce or Manipulate

If it weren't for Kirk and Riker, I would say that seduction doesn't happen in Star Trek. Instead, I'll say it doesn't happen often. Most characters try to manipulate each other.

Open your Brain

In Strange New World, this is called "Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before". The trappings are different, but the effect is the same. (todo: flesh out what this means)

Optional Combat Moves

The "follow through on someone else's move" move is available.

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