USS Ayrton Campaign Player Characters


Vulcan/Human female
Lt. Commander, XO, medical officer

Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d4
Pace 6", Parry 3, Charisma 0, Toughness 4

Fighting (Agility) d6
Guts (Spirit) d4
Healing (Smarts) d8
Investigation (Smarts) d4
Knowledge (Medicine) (Smarts) d8
Notice (Smarts) d4
Piloting (Agility) d4
Shooting (Agility) d4
Survival (Smarts) d4
Tracking (Smarts) d4


Natural Leader


Code of Honor (Major)
Pacifist (Minor)
Small (Major)
Vow (Minor, Hippocratic Oath)

Race: Vulcan

+1 die Strength
+1 die Spirit
Major Vow (don't express emotions publicly)


Vanisha is young for a commander, but has a knack for motivating people. Her mother was human, but she followed a more orthodox path than Spock. Through their mixed heritages, she and Spock share a warm acquaintance. Vanisha was gifted as a child, and went to the prestigious Vulcan Healer Academy. She knows multiple languages and establishes quick rapport with her patients. Her specialty is the brain and how different species think. Even though she won't fight unless need be, she is quite skilled at hand-to-hand combat.


Klingon male
Diplomat, outcast

Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d8

Climbing (Agility) d6
Fighting (Agility) d8
Guts (Spirit) d6
Notice (Smarts) d4
Persuasion (Spirit) d8
Piloting (Agility) d4
Survival (Smarts) d4




Heroic (Major)
Outsider (Minor)
Wanted (Major, Klingon chancellor)

Race: Klingon

+1 die Strength
+1 die Vigor

Code of Honor (Major)


Gorm challenged the Klingon chancellor, lost, and was exiled. Over the years, there have been assassination attempts against him. His support of the Federation has made him an ally to the Federation Council, and he acts as a cultural attache to the Beta Quadrant Ambassador. He goes to battle sporting gloves with the Federation insignia. His boots have small cleats. He has long hair which he takes meticulous care of. He wears traditional Klingon battle armor.

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