Phases and Aspects

Spirit of the Century models the heroes of pulp fiction. Firefly and Serenity, by contrast, follows the exploits of more everyday heroes. Therefore, characters are less powerful than in SotC.


There are five phases:

Tale of Strength and Weakness
A story about strength or weakness, either literal or figurative, often including a physical encounter of some sort.
Tale of Determination and Cowardice
A story illustrating the mettle or will of the character (or lack thereof). This is character’s "dark tea time of the soul".
Tale of Passion and Betrayal
A story of social conflict, of fellowships won and lost, or lovers lost and gained.
Tale of Life and Death
This probably involves the War of Unification for most folks, but ultimately, this is a tale about the character in crisis.
The Raggedy Edge
Times are hard for everyone. This is a story about how, in these desperate times, the characters have come to be where there are today.


Choose an aspect during each phase, so characters start play with five aspects. Characters must have a least one aspect that fits into the following categories:

  • Character Traits ("Sly as a Fox")
  • Connections (NPC person or organization, "Browncoat Gunnery Sergeant")
  • Unfinished Business (ongoing events, "Hunted by the Hands of Blue")

(For more on aspect categories, read

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