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Time Lord

Time Lords hail from the planet Gallifrey.

Time Lord characters frequently have high Smarts and choose the Danger Sense or Arcane Background (Psychic) Edges.

Many Time Lord characters begin play as Seasoned or Veteran characters, although a Novice Time Lord is certainly a viable choice. During character creation, Game Masters should bestow Time Lord characters with one Advance per previous incarnation.

Edge: Improved Physiology (Minor)

Twin hearts mean Time Lords do not need to sleep, and thus the Sleep rules do not apply to them. They can become Fatigued or fall unconscious, however.

Also, they can be Incapacitated but not killed by respiratory attacks like poison gas or choking. The Game Master may rule that this Edge provides additional advantages as the plot dictates.

Edge: Arcane Background: Rassilon Imprimatur (Major)

Characters with this background have an innate understanding of temporal theory. They can pilot TARDISes and other temporal craft. They can sense the ebb and flow of time, allowing them to make Notice rolls to detect impending danger to the universe, changes to history and the like. (For more everyday use, take the Danger Sense Edge.)

This Edge also includes the benefits of the Time Traveller Edge.

Racial Power: Regeneration (Major, 3 points)

Work with your Game Master when applying this Power. For example, some Game Masters may allow the player to choose the Time Lord's new appearance, while others choose it themselves. Some Game Masters have another player take control of the Time Lord character after regeneration to reflect the character's change in personality. As always, the Game Master must approve any resulting changes, especially in Edges and Hinderances.

When a Time Lord dies and the body is reasonably intact (say 75%+), this Power is triggered. After a full action, the Time Lord returns to life Shaken but with no Wounds or physical ailments (poison, etc).

However, the Time Lord's body and mind have changed drastically. All the Time Lord's attributes reset to d4. As during character creation, the player then gets 5 attribute points to spend, the only restriction being that at least one attribute must change value. A Time Lord is never quite the same after regenerating.

To reflect the changes in the Time Lord's mind, the player must remove 2 or more skill points and spend them on different skills. In addition, the player may choose to remove all points in one skill — usually a minor skill such as recorder or spoon playing unique to the previous incarnation — and apply those points to a new skill.

Finally, the player may change one Edge and may change one Hindrance, if desired, so long as it results in a legal combination. If this is the Time Lord's 12th regeneration, however, the player must choose to remove this Regeneration power itself.

The Game Master may also choose to impose roll penalties or a temporary Hinderance to reflect post-regenerative trauma, which normally last the length of the new incarnation's introductory adventure. Some suggested ones are All Thumbs, minor Delusional, a minor Habit, Mean, Overconfident, minor Phobia, Quirk, Stubborn, minor Vengeful, and Yellow.

Hinderance: Enemy: The Daleks (Major)

The Daleks and Time Lords are old foes, evenly matched, and vie for supremacy at every encounter.

Hinderance: Vow: Laws of Time (Minor)

Time Lord characters will not break the Laws of Time nor allow others to break them. There is simply too much risk that events will spiral out of control into a universe-ending cataclysm or unresolvable paradox! That having been said, it's a minor Vow because Time Lords will often bend the rules to suit their own purposes.

Game Masters are encourage to build adventures around restoring the natural order of things should characters or villains violate the Laws of Time.

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