Savage Worlds Doctor Who Equipment

New Equipment

Most objects in the Doctor Who universe should be assigned powers by the Game Master as needed. The ones listed are common to several episodes. All of the ones listed below are considered far future tech, and thus impose a -2 penalty to most characters per the rules on Timelines above.

Deadlock Seal

A deadlock seal is a lock that cannot be opened by ordinary means. It is impervious to the Sonic Screwdriver, for example.

Psychic Paper

Psychic paper is most often used to forge credentials. It gives +2 to Persuasion attempts. Wild Cards may not be fooled, they can make a Smarts roll at -4 to see it for what it really is. It can also be used to receive a brief message from another mentalist.

Sonic Screwdriver

A Sonic Screwdriver is an all-purpose tool. It gives +2 to Lockpicking, Repair, and Tracking attempts, as well as a +2 bonus to Knowledge skills like Science, Electronics and Computers in situations where obtaining readings is useful.

It has a range of 3, thus allowing the wielder to interact with locks and other objects at a distance. It can also be used like a remote control to trigger the activation of a device.

Its sonic bursts can be used as a weapon in dire circumstances, doing 1-3d4 nonlethal or structural damage per round, though it takes a quarter of that damage (round up) to itself when used this way.

It has a Toughness of 6. The device can repair itself at a rate of 1 point of damage per hour, and even knit itself back together if broken into pieces.


The TARDIS is a vehicle that dematerializes from one place and materializes in another place and time. Travel time is subject to the whim of the Game Master. Some trips can take a long time, and others are instantaneous.

A pilot must have the Arcane Background (Rassilon Imprimatur) Edge to navigate the TARDIS, though an untrained operator can activate a prepared flight path. A Piloting roll is required to achieve something extraordinary, such as land inside a transduction barrier or envelope a spaceship.

A TARDIS is alive in some ways. It has d4 Smarts, d4 Spirit, and d12 Vigor. It can pilot itself out of danger. It can even get sick.

It has the following Powers (see the core rules and Super Powers Companion):

  • Awareness (the TARDIS Scanner)
      • Danger Sense (the Cloister Bell)
  • Chameleon (inanimate objects only)
  • Environmental Protection
  • Fly (8)
      • Pace of 48 (120 mph)
  • Interface
      • Code Breaker
  • Light
  • Speak Language
      • Telepathic Broadcast (worldwide, but passengers only)
  • Telepathy
      • Impressions only, operator only

Due to its transcendental nature, it's bigger on the inside than the outside. In game terms, the interior of the TARDIS is a gargantuan HQ (see the Super Powers Companion). It is considered futuristic HQ (+5 facility mod). It has the following special rooms, in addition to places like a wardrobe room and swimming pool that don't effect gameplay:

  • Command Center (aka the Console Room)
  • Generator (aka the Eye of Harmony)
      • The TARDIS is considered to have an infinite power supply, however it has failed from time into time throughout the history of the show. In these cases, the operator can also draw power from another energy source, such as a dying supernova. The Game Master will tell you when such a thing becomes necessary.
  • Kitchen and Dining
  • Library/Computer
  • Medical Center (includes the Zero Room)
  • Personal Quarters (each passenger has an individual room)
  • Specialist Library/Lab (one for each general Knowledge area listed in the core rulebook)
  • Storeroom (akin to Garage)
      • It is considered to have any tool the characters might need. However, the TARDIS is massive. A character may spend an hour to make a Notice roll to find the object in the TARDIS stores.
  • Training Room
  • Workshop

The TARDIS also has the following HQ extras:

  • Camouflaged
  • Defenses
      • Immunity: Nearly Complete Coverage
      • Done via Shields, which can be extended to cover a nearby object like a spaceship. Some species have weapons that can damage a TARDIS, like a Dalekanium bomb.
  • Secure Access (TARDIS key)
  • Perception Filter (similar to Well-Hidden)
      • This filter gives people a -4 to relevant die rolls to detect the TARDIS or its occupants
      • This ability can be imbued into a TARDIS key, allowing the perception filter to be carried

Vortex Manipulator

A vortex manipulator is a primitive time travel device, favored by time agents. It's hard to use and exposes the operator to the Vortex. Travel by vortex manipulator is uncomfortable. A person traveling with the device is Shaken and gets -1 to actions for the remainder of the encounter (akin to Nausea), unless they have the Time Traveller Edge.

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