Savage Worlds Doctor Who Edges and Hindrances

New Edges

Time Traveller (Minor)

Requirements: Seasonsed

Time Travellers get +2 to Vigor rolls to resist disease, and never get sick unless the plot dictates.

They are also experienced at adapting to new eras. A character with Time Traveller has an instinctive understanding of etiquette and does not make social faux pas (see Fitting In in the New Rules section). They are also not penalized for using unfamiliar advanced or primitive technology.

Strong Personal Timeline (Minor)

Requirements: Veteran, Time Traveller

Experienced time travelers become a fixture in the cosmos. They are extraordinarily resistant to changes in the timeline.

If there is a change in the timeline, its impact will be minimized for the character. For example, a companion with this Edge who is a scientist will be a scientist in the new timeline, if at all possible. They will remember all events that happen to them, even if history has later changed and they should not remember what happened.

In addition, a person with Universal Constant can resist being erased from reality by a time paradox. Such people can make Spirit roll once an hour, at a TN of 4 + (the number of hours since the paradox began). They can make similar rolls to remain unaffected by a time loop.

New Hindrances

Precarious Personal Timeline

Even when most people would remember a change in history, this person does not. A character with this Hindrance must make a Smarts roll versus TN 4 just to sense that history has changed. For this person, everything has always been this way.

Worse, circumstances surrounding a person's past with this Hindrance are improbable. If there's a change this person would be erased when history is altered, it'll happen to this person.

This Hindrance cannot be taken with the Time Traveler Edge.

Time Vertigo

Characters with Time Vertigo cannot adapt to time travel. Whenever arriving in a new or alternate timeline, the character is Shaken and gets a -1 penalty to all actions for the first several minutes. They suffer similar effects at the edge of time fissures and other temporal phenomena where multiple times are physically adjacent.

A character cannot have both Time Traveller and Time Vertigo.

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