Savage Worlds Doctor Who Setting

Savage Worlds Doctor Who setting

Adaptation by Chuck Durfee, 17-25 Jan 2011. Doctor Who is copyright (C) BBC 2013, all rights reserved.

I did this as an exercise in creating a setting. These rules have not been play-tested. Please let me know your experience if you choose to try them!



In addition to all the attributes defined in the core rules, each character in a Doctor Who setting has a home timeline. Rules about timelines can be found under New Rules.



Humans are as per the normal rules.

Time Lord

Time Lords racial write-up.

New Edges and Hindrances

This section contains Edges and Hindrances relating to time travel.

New Rules

Rules divides the Doctor Who chronology into time periods and provides guidance for dealing with unfamiliar technology.

New Equipment

The Equipment section includes the TARDIS and sonic screwdriver, among others.


Adversaries contains statistics for the Daleks and Cybermen.

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