Heart Of Evermore: Blue Sun Report

Full History of the Heart of Evermore


Date: 2517-01-28
To: All Field Agents
From: Research Division, Blue Sun Corporation
Subject: The Heart of Evermore

Several months ago, the Public Relations Bureau intercepted some broadwaves that sparked an investigation into the possibility that the Heart of Evermore diamond may have survived the Exodus from Earth. Five weeks ago, Field Agents interrogated a businessman named Kelvin Abdilla in connection with the investigation.

Abdilla incapacitated the agents and fled. The Agents gained little information from the questioning, except that Abdilla made reference to the Biblical chapter Jeremiah 17. His resistance to standard field interrogation techniques is consistent with abilities demonstrated by the Sojourners.

A team of Field Agents dispatched to investigate corroborated the assessment of the Public Relations Bureau, pursued Abdilla to the passenger liner Rhine's Gold, now bound for Cosmas and Damian.

Preliminary field reports suggest the diamond may be in the possession of a passenger, Hugo Deerbourn, the owner of the Deerbourn Shipping Company. The Agents report that they have engaged Nicholas Mood, who is in pursuit of the diamond and was last known to be in the employ of the Tong clan.

Agents pursuing the diamond are to be extended any requested support. Should an Agent encounter the diamond, it needs to be secured at once for immediate delivery to the nearest Bureau office. Instruction 17-154 has High priority.

Physical Description

The Heart of Evermore is a type IIb blue diamond heart, shown here approximately life-sized.


It weights approximately 2.5 grams.

Historical Background

The Heart of Evermore was first acquired by the Blue Sun Corporation in May of 2049. Our corporate records imply that Vanguard Industries, then a research arm of Blue Sun, did two separate comprehensive analysis of the diamond. The first noted its unusual indigo-blue hue, but was otherwise unremarkable. Blue Sun donated the diamond to the Smithsonian-Gates Foundation in September of 2062.

When Vanguard assisted with a second analysis in 2065 for the European Union, they noted it had "unusual chemical and structural properties". Although the abstract is vague, based on our current knowledge of holotechnology, the description of the Heart given in the Vanguard abstract might suggest the presence of a crystalline holographic storage array.

Attempts by Research to recover the content of the study have been unsuccessful; only the abstract remains. Other artifact documents suggest that Blue Sun may have attempted to acquire the Heart of Evermore, publicly in 2068, and covertly in 2071.

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