Enemy Of My Enemy Campaign

"The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend" was a Time Lord play-by-email campaign I ran in 2000.

It was a World of Darkness cross-over featuring the Eighth Doctor and some companions:

  • Jinevrasaglipithinar (Ginny), a Cousin of the Doctor's and an avid anthropology student (Val)
  • Major Robert N Hood, a 21st Century UNIT operative (Kirk)
  • Christine Arnold, a 20th Century undercover FBI operative (Ann)
  • Ishizaka Nakiyu, a Japanese Yakuza assassin (Schuyler).

Some character sheets still exist: Characters

Game Master Notes

Most of what survives is the play notes from the campaign. We didn't get very far into it.

Cross-temporal werewolf campaign to get characters together. Christine will be by herself in the 90's, Major Hood and Nakiyu start in 2030.

In the 90's, Arnold is called upon by Agent Mulder to infiltrate Jackson Lumber. It appears that their yields are unrealistically high, and chem anal suggests an unknown growth hormone. There have been reports of unusually large animal sightings as well, particularly wolves. Add a couple bodies…

In actuality, I had her contact the werewolves first. I was in a rush to unite the whole party. Maybe Song-of-the-Earth can lead her to the bodies. Another thought is to have Arnold slip through to the Penumbra via the Shallowing Effect.

In feel, the world of 2030 will be like "Dark Conspiracy". Most tech will be from the 50's and 60's, with cool ultra-tech thrown in. Cloning possible, but only used for body parts & blood. Braintaping useful for ghostcomp, but because can't measure initial conditions fast enough, don't get exact duplicate. Nanotech gearing up, new items nanoconstructed, old items still 40's/50's. Mass transit and carpooling far more rampant. WWW making a comeback, now that computers more prevalent. Most users get e-mail from voice-translation. Environment still trashed, but is a common concern of all, cleanup in progress. Four-day work week, but w/nano, get same wages. Will only get better. Genetic eng allows them to stay one step ahead of viruses. Advent of WZA reduces war during last decade. No beef (spirulina-flavor, Algae-Wiz), carbon tax, VR dome. Brazil, Zaire, Vietnam, Canada, Russia, EU, Australia, Tanzania win, America, China, India, Persian Gulf lose.

In 2030, the Doctor is known as "Alpha Geek", the Garou have to fight openly for territory. The Master infiltrates a Garou pack, the Stinging Snow pack of Black Spiral Dancers under Searing-Cold-Flesh, posing as a Bastet (able to shift from "Survival") to learn a Garou rite to open a moon bridge, go to the Near Umbra to the past so that he can hijack the Doctor's TARDIS in 1999 SF and reboot his timeline & the BSD can begin the battle before humans develop nanotech. Knowing his antagonist is vulnerable, perhaps the Master forces the Doctor to dance the spiral dance?

A Stargazer, Whisper-of-Snow, is an Ally of the Doctor. Ulrich Spieler, aka Reap-the-Whirlwind, and Mbutu, a wereleopard called Oily-Smoke, are Hood's Allies. SotE could become Christine's Ally. Dirt-Made-Flesh is her Enemy (at the moment). The Master has the BSD leader Searing-Cold-Flesh.

The Doctor must dance the Black Spiral reversed to save all.

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