USS Endeavor

This is an email I sent to a player about this play-by-email campaign in 1999. I will wikify it later.

Nebula Class

Discover what happened to SS Goodnight-Loving under Captain John Merriwether. (Lost in the Badlands.) Reportedly caused by a vessel of unknown configuration but not Cardassians. A female Andorian was also on board (as Ops, Tactical, XO?).

SS Goodnight-Loving is a Hensley-class transport tug made of a coarse duranium-tritanium alloy. It was decommissioned from Starfleet about 50-75 years ago and acquired by the Merchant Marines. SS Goodnight-Loving was transporting materials from a Tellarite duranium mine near the far side of the Badlands.

Escort SS Chisholm, taking over route for SS Goodnight-Loving.

HISTORY (USS Endeavor):
Endeavor started docked at Starbase 201 undergoing systems upgrades. She is assigned to the 8th Mobile Fleet, which is composed mostly of Ambassador and Nebula-class starships and handles exploration and crisis management within the outlying portions of the Alpha Quadrant. Commander Hawk used to be 1st Officer.

CREW (USS Endeavor):

Krer Rizar (NPC by Charles Durfee)
RANK: Captain
AWARDS/MEDALS: Star Fleet Cross, Latinum Star, Distinguished Service Medal, Cross of Alexander, Bronze Star with Cluster
RACE/GENDER: Bolian / Male
DESCRIPTION: The Bolian Captain Krer is somewhat of a maverick, as evidenced by his ice blue goatee and mustache. He has the darker head ridges common to his family. He is shorter than most of his comrades, but exudes a sense of purpose and vitality that makes him seem a little larger than life. He has dark eyes and a contagious smile. Occasionally, he can be found rubbing his aching right forearm.
NOTES/BACKGROUND: Friend of Admiral Shiara Ankora on Starbase 201. (Failed romance.)

Pollux Ambrozi (by Jaime T. Matthew)
RANK: Lt. Commander
POSITION: 1st Officer
AWARDS/MEDALS: Star Fleet Cross, Bronze Star, Star Fleet Medal
RACE/GENDER: Betazoid / Male
DESCRIPTION: Hardly looks old enough to be wearing a Starfleet uniform, let alone one with the pips of a Lieutenant Commander. The youthful Betazoid is tall and thin and has warm green eyes and dark, sandy blond hair, worn regulation length. His smile is large and friendly, and his manner sincere and comforting. He is not shy. His voice is calming, but strong, neither too high nor too low. His uniform is regulation, with the addition of grey gloves.
NOTES/BACKGROUND: First time as 1st Officer. Once forgot his pants on the Nautilus and still has nightmares about repeating the incident. Hands scarred from burns received when his ex, Lara, joined the Maquis and tried to kill him and nearly destroyed the Nautilus. Has Aunt Morgana (Elena?) Pollux familiar with Badlands and Cardassian border.
CURRENT TASK: Prepare for quick, thorough investigation. Prepare for contact from Captain of S.S. Chisholm.

Triciar Falan (NPC by Charles Durfee)
RANK: Lieutenant
POSITION: Counselor
RACE/GENDER: Terabian / Male
DESCRIPTION: Zombie-like appearance.
NOTES/BACKGROUND: Has magneto-sensual acuity used for reading emotions.
CURRENT TASK: Become familiar with the political situations of this region of space.

Kiami Paopana (NPC by Charles Durfee)
RANK: Lieutenant
POSITION: Senior Conn.
RACE/GENDER: (Human, Polynesian?) / Female
DESCRIPTION: Ebony hair comb with pearl inlay in her jet-black hair.
NOTES/BACKGROUND: Newly friends w/ Lt. Elasus. Kiami extremely uncomfortable with Counselor Falan. Previously on U.S.S. Lindberg, Saber-class starship, very maneuverable. On escort duty on a barren lump of rock called the Gravak colony near the Cardassian border. Plays 3-D chess. Born and raised in Earth's oceans in Peara City. Her family have been deep sea miners for several generations. Aptitude for finding way around in the dark.
CURRENT TASK: Prepare for piloting ship in Badlands.

Kane Davidson (by Dave Biggins)
RANK: Lieutenant-JG
POSITION: Tactical Security
RACE/GENDER: Human / Male
DESCRIPTION: Rather high-strung. Average sized, fair skin, brown hair, green eyes, chiseled face, appears to be in his late 20's-early 30's, quiet demeanor. Scowls when he concentrates. Carries himself with a very strict military bearing.
NOTES/BACKGROUND: Recommended as officer by Commander Hawk. Did not graduate from Starfleet Academy, earned commission during Battle of Wolf 359. Must complete 2 more years of Academy course requirements to retain commission. Was a sensor technician. Was an Ensign on Starbase 39-Sierra. Been in Starfleet 10 years. Trained in bootcamp by an Andorian male named Shrev, now on board the USS Endeavor as First Security Guard, CPO Shrev.
CURRENT TASK: Have some good theories about what happened to G-L based on the presumed wreckage.

Ardan Raxnar (by James Santagate)
RANK: Lieutenant
POSITION: Chief Engineer
RACE/GENDER: Tellarite / Male
DESCRIPTION: He is slightly taller than the average Tellarite, and a bit thinner, with grayish white hair and ice blue eyes. He is young, in his early 30's by Earth standards. Efficient manner. Expects efficiency from those around him.
NOTES/BACKGROUND: Captain Jorak vouches for technical expertise.
CURRENT TASK: Complete installation of new warp manifold couplings and
prepare the ship for the plasma storms, gravitational anomalies, and strong subspace currents found in the Badlands.

Gareth Elasus (by Spyral13/Robert)
RANK: Lieutenant
POSITION: Chief of Ops
RACE/GENDER: Centauran / Male
NOTES/BACKGROUND: Previously in Devin colonies keeping the Romulans at bay and transporting trillium to Starbase Apollo. Never served on a starship before. Took Operations on a few runabouts and a Defiant class ship called the USS Valiant while at Starbase Apollo. Fixed garbled transmission. Newly friends w/ Lt. Paopana. Plays 3-D chess. Grew up on Centauri Prime. Hero figures are Spock and Data.

Dr. Kent Shakespeare (by Randall Wright)
RANK: Lieutenant
POSITION: Chief Medical Officer
AWARDS/MEDALS: Meritorius Service Medal
RACE/GENDER: Human / Male
DESCRIPTION: Tall, slightly thin. Fair skin. Black hair with a full beard. Brown eyes. A long face. Mid-30's. He is always smiling and joking, even though he isn't bawdy nor is he loud. Just a calm, sorta quiet but fun loving type.
NOTES/BACKGROUND: Uncomfortable w/ Counselor Falan. Previously on a Deep Space station. Misses the space station.
CURRENT TASK: Complete physicals.

Dr. Valerie Clement (by Randall Wright)
RANK: ??
RACE/GENDER: ?? / Female
DESCRIPTION: Cheerful disposition.

?? Shrev (by Dave Biggins?)
RANK: Chief Petty Officer - non-commissioned
POSITION: 1st Security Guard
RACE/GENDER: Andorian / Male
NOTES/BACKGROUND: Trained Kane Davidson in boot camp.

Suzie Walks-Softly (by Kirk Stevens)
RANK: Lieutenant
POSITION: Chief Science Officer
AWARDS/MEDALS: [Not yet established. See the following websites for
specifications: &
alt.starfleet.rpg (Characters must pay the point cost of only those medals considered Major or Extraordinary by ASR (in practical terms, this means anything over a Bronze Star).)]
RACE/GENDER: Human, Dakota Indian / Female
DESCRIPTION: A tall, slender woman in her early 30's, sporting gray eyes and long, black hair (kept in two tightly wrapped braids which she usually binds together near the tips). Very shy, unless she is working on her beloved robots.
NOTES/BACKGROUND: Specializes in robots. Her Servo design upgrades have reopened the possibility of Starfleet using engineering robots again. Infamous for an accident at a recent Robotics conference, which would have resulted in the deaths of many participants if not for the quick work of her idol, Commander Data. She was previously assigned to the U.S.S. Hecate. First time in a command position. Does not have the standard qualifications for Chief Science Officer.
RACIAL HISTORY: Her people left Earth in the late 21st century to find a planet on which they could return to the old ways of the Dakotan people. They found a planet in the Tatanka system and named the planet He Sapa for its green coniferous forests that seemed to cover much of the planet's surface. On Earth, her people were part of the group once known as the Great Sioux Nation though they prefer to use the name Dakota, meaning friend or ally. The name Sioux was derived from the word nadoussioux, meaning little snakes, and was given to them by their long-time foes the Chippewa (Ojibway). Her people believe in co-existing with nature in as non-intrusive way as possible. They have built architectural wonders beneath the surface of their planet in which they live in communities similar to those that their ancestors lived in before the 19th century. In spite of this they have highly
advanced technology that they camouflaged into their surroundings.
USEFUL WORDS: mako sica = bad land
CURRENT TASK: Design robots to aid Commander Ambrozi in Badlands
investigation. Have designs ready for Krer's review by 1200. Request supplies from LtC. Ambrozi. Design must be able to withstand severe conditions, including plasma storms. Report for medical checkup.


Vice Admiral Shiara Ankora
CINC8M, SB 201 (Commander, 8th Mobile Fleet)
Andorian female, has warm friendship and aborted romance with Capt. Krer Rizar.

Admiral Kuro Glakan
CSFO, SFHQ (Chief of Starfleet Operations)
Tellarite male.

Rear Admiral Jolara Norrington
Human female. Commanding officer of USS Yamato, the fleet's flagship, and Admiral Ankora's second.

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