Curse Of Kusim-Ra Campaign

This page describes "The Curse of Kusim-Ra", a Spirit of the Century campaign I played with my kids in February and March 2009. It was run with the stuntless rules.

The campaign followed three members of the Century Club as they tried to recover the Book of Kusim-Ra, an artifact of unspeakable power, from the femme fatale archaeologist Gitoux.

Play Reports

For now, these are just pointers to the four play reports on my blog:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Captain Who

Played by my daughter


  • Very British
  • Red Hair
  • Mysterious
  • Sneaky Like A Ninja
  • Ship: The Black Beauty


Superb Leadership
Great Rapport, Great Pilot (Boat)

The Navigator

Played by my youngest son


  • "Camo" Hair
  • Quick as a Tiger
  • Mystic Kung-Fu Powers


Superb Search
Great Fists, Great Mysteries
Good Athletics

Draco Wolf

Played by my older son


  • Agile as a Tiger
  • Shapeshifter (Mystic Wolf, triggered by intense anger)


Superb Weapons
Great Guns, Great Athletics

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