Curse Of Gorilla Khan Campaign

The Century Club in… The Curse of Gorilla Khan (played 24 Jul 2007)

Deep in the Peruvian jungle, the Century Club searches for the remnants of a plane and a downed artifact, the Analytic Engine for the dreaded Prussian War Machine. In the rush to beat the evil Baron Olaf von Schlimmer to the wreck, the Club is surrounded by a squad of ruthless gorilla men. Intrepid adventurer Billy Black and famed tracker Yana Bearski appeal to their animal nature by deceiving and intimidating them, and the Sinister Assassin of Evil drives one set off. Hong Kong Hank is taken by surprise, but still manages to wound one of them.

The trail of blood leads to a mysterious fort. Inside, Gorilla Khan brandishes a piece of the Analytic Engine to his cheering followers. As Khan’s speech continues and with the steady hand of Victoria Fury to guide him, Hong Kong Hank hauls his sniper rifle up into the canopy and despite the ferocious heat and the buzz of insects, shoots Gorilla Khan from above. Gorilla Khan stumbles back into the grass hut behind him, soon followed by the rest of the gorilla clan. Before Hank descends to join the chaos below, he sees the gyrocopter of Doctor Methuselah approaching. Miraculously, his potshot lands, but it only draws the attention of the ‘copter.

Meanwhile, Yana Bearski soon realizes that the gorillas have a secret escape tunnel under the fort and runs off in the jungle, ignoring the vines and roots chomping at her heels by virtue of her outdoors training, to follow the tramping sounds of the gorillas in the tunnel. When they emerge suddenly, she tries to intimidate them again, but they take her prisoner.

As they carry her off into the jungle, the Sinister Assassin of Evil gives chase on the ground, and Victoria Fury swings through the canopy giving chase in the air. The Sinister Assassin of Evil’s fierce sense of loyalty fuels his pursuit, and he arrives in time to free Yana by cleaving a large gash in the back of her captor with the Sword of Ultimate Destiny. The gorillas begin to rally, but hearing Victoria fast approaching, they scamper into the jungle.

With the ‘copter closing and Gorilla Khan escaping out the front of the fort, Hong Kong Hank makes a desperate show with his blazing six-guns. Arms spread wide, hugging the tree with his legs, he fires two rounds, one into the ‘copter and one towards Gorilla Khan. The ‘copter takes a few bullets and veers off, while Gorilla Khan is pinned inside the fortress walls.

As the fight rages on, Billy Black locates the wreckage. He discovers the imprint of one of the Analytic Engine fragments and determines it has broken into three pieces. He also is able to take the pilot’s log book from the poor chap and finds that the pilot recently made stops in Berlin, Singapore, and the tiny island nation of Tuamotu.

As he returns to share his findings, he comes face to face with Gorilla Khan, holding a blood-drenched cloth in one hand and the piece of the Engine in the other. Using one of the more ancient and powerful torments he learned from his Gypsy youth, he places a powerful curse upon the hapless Gorilla Khan, who drops the piece of the Engine and flees in terror.

But what of the other two pieces to the Engine, and of Baron Olaf von Schlimmer? What is Doctor Methuselah’s interested in the Engine? And will Gorilla Khan ever be heard from again? Find out in The Century Club and the Volcano of Doom!


This section contains some notes I made to the players in email, should we have a second session

Yana Bearski

Player: Amy

Aspects (Need 4 more)

Watcher in the Woods
Only Tracker That Goes Anywhere
Animal Whisperer
Drinks Vodka like Water
Does Opposite of What’s Expected

Do "Anti-Authoritarian" and "Does Opposite of What’s Expected" overlap? And when you put "Watcher in the Woods" as an aspect, you mentioned the movie. What does this aspect mean to you?


Superb: Survival
Great: Alertness, Intimidation
Good: Athletics, Endurance, Guns
Fair: Fists, Resolve, Stealth, Weapons
Average: Resources, Contacting, Gambling, Might, Investigation

Billy Black

Player: Thor


Mysterious Unknown Origin
Fortune Teller
Con Man
Charming Rogue
Expert Treasure Hunter
Professional Adventurer
Occult Expert
Wilderness Expert

"Lucky" and "Fortune Teller" are better handled as stunts. What does being a "Con Man", "Occult Expert", and "Wilderness Expert" say about Billy? For example, does nobody trust Billy because he's a con man? Thinking along those lines should sharpen up those aspects.

Skills (consider Resolve):

Superb: Deceit
Great: Mysteries, Empathy
Good: Contacting, Alertness, Athletics
Fair: Investigation, Gambling, Rapport, Fists
Average: Endurance, Drive, Weapons, Resources, Sleight of Hand

Victoria Fury

Player: Christine


Amazingly Talented
Endless Money
Saves the World
Secure Nasty Item from Nazis
Searching for Artifact
Gains Respect from Yana
Assumed Dead
Escapes Alive

Aspects like "Searching for Artifact" were true in that particular story, but are they true in general? Do they illustrate Victoria's character? Is she always looking for something she's missing?

Consider taking that Nasty Item as a personal gadget. I bet it's a doozy!

Skills (need 3 more at Fair and 5 at Average)

Superb: Athletics
Great: Academics, Resources
Good: Alertness, Endurance, Resolve
Fair: Stealth

Hong Kong Hank Rodgers

Player: Bruce

Aspects (need 6 more):

Keen Mechanical Ability
Wealthy Mechnical Engineer

There seems to be some overlap between "Keen Mechanical Ability" (how keen is it?) and "Wealthy Mechincal Engineer". To reflect Wealthy, you'll want a high Resources skill.

Skills (need 1 more at Fair and 5 at Average, consider Resolve):

Superb: Guns
Great: Athletics, Engineering
Good: Alertness, Endurance, Weapons
Fair: Fists, Mysteries, Stealth

Xanthier, The Sinister Assassin of Evil

Player: Matt

Loyalty At All Costs
Natural Law / Balance
Made Contacts
Gained Trust of Head Guy
Clear Definitions of Good and Evil

Some of these aspects are merely facts about the story. Tell me, how stealthy is he? What contacts did he make, which might lead to an aspect "In With The Secret Service".

Superb: Weapons
Great: Stealth, Resolve
Good: Endurance, Might, Alertness
Fair: Rapport, Empathy, Fists, Athletics
Average: Academics, Intimidation, Engineering, Slight of Hand, Leadership

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