Coldstream Menace Campaign

The "Coldstream Menace" campaign was a play-by-email campaign I ran in 2000. Sadly, I don't have any of the emails any more. One interesting feature was that I had a player play the bad guy, King Arthur.


England, 2052. See The World in 2052.


Rexulium "Rex" Herraditos

Player: Jonathan M. Thompson
Apparent Age: 30
Species: Gallifreyian

Equipment: Set of clothing, Sonic Screwdriver, Pen knife, TARDIS Repair Manual (cost 5 pts)

Abilities and Special Abilities

Strength: 3 Cheat Death 2, Regenerative Powers 3.
Control: 3 Bench Thumping 1, Thrown Weapons 1.
Size: 3
Weight: 3
Move: 2 Sailing 2.
Knowledge: 7 Astrogation 1, Computing 2, Detective Powers 2, Electronics 2, History 3, Law 2, Mathematics 2, Pseudoscience 2, Science 2, TARDIS 3, Temporal Science 3, Transmat 2.
Determination: 2
Awareness: 4 Con 2, Intuition 1, Resourceful Pockets 2, Serendipity 2, Striking Appearance 2, Tracking 1

Unused Points: 21

Mira Nova

Player: Kirk Stevens
Apparent age: mid 10s
Species: Tangean
Equipment: none

Strength: 3 Cheat Death 2
Control: 5 Fast Reactions 1, Gymnastics 2, Leaping 2, Marksmanship 2, Martial Arts 2
Size: 4
Weight: 3
Move: 3 Driving 1, Piloting 2, Running 1
Knowledge: 4 Astrogation 2, Computer 1, Detective Powers 1, History 1, Law 1, Science 1
Determination: 4 Command 1, Ghosting 1, Indominable Will 1, Limited Telepathy 1
Awareness: 3 Acting 1, Animal Empathy 1, Bureaucracy 1, Precision 1, Serendipity 2, Singing 1, Striking Appearance 1

Mira Nova is an up-and-coming Space Ranger, a military organization created by the Galactic Federation in the 32nd Century. She is
blue-skinned, lithe, and generally well thought of by her fellow rangers. She graduated at the top of her academy class.

While on assignment, she encountered Rex's badly-damaged TARDIS, which established a dialogue of sorts with her to keep from going insane. Charmed, she agreed to travel with Rex's TARDIS for a time. The fact that Mira has a better relation with his TARDIS than Rex gets to Rex sometimes. Her main drive is to make a difference in the Universe, whether it be with Star Command or travelling with Rex.

Special Abilities:

Ghosting [Determination]

This ability allows a Tangean and their belongings to "ghost", to pass through solid matter. The Referee assigns the difficulty; in general,
the denser the material, the more difficult it is to ghost through it. With great difficulty, a character with Ghosting can bring another
willing, lucid person with them. Ghosting does not permit a character to pass through energy barriers, nor can the character breathe while
ghosted. (A ghosted character can survive for a short time within solid matter: see the Suffocation rules.) Being a mental ability,
it cannot be used unless the character is lucid.

Limited Telepathy [Determination]

Limited Telepathy is the exertion of mind power to communicate with other people or creatures at a distance. At a number of areas less than the total ability of the telepathic creature, communication is automatic; at ranges greater than or equal to the ability, the creature
must beat the difference, with a difficulty equal to the distance in areas. Limited Telepathy allows communication only between other
telepathic creatures. (A character with Limited Telepathy can read the mind of another, the other just can't respond.)

Anthony Finnius

Player: Chris Angelini
Apparent Age: 16
Species: Human


Thief's Tools (cost: 3 points): On a roll of 1-4, Anthony can produce any reasonable item a thief might carry, such as a rope, grappling hook,
lockpicking set, bag of marbles, and the like. Once a roll has been made, Anthony cannot re-roll for the same item until he's had a chance to "re-equip" (GM fiat). Anthony cannot use this ability to produce electronic items.

Abilities and Special Abilities:

Strength: 3 Cheat Death 2, Quick Recovery 1
Control: 6 Blunt Weapons 1, Brawling 2, Escapology 1, Fast Reactions 2, Gymnastics 1, Leaping 1, Lock/Safecracking 2, Sense of Balance 1
Size: 4 Contortionism 2
Weight: 3
Move: 3 Running 2
Knowledge: 3 Occultism 1
Determination: 4
Awareness: 5 Acute Hearing 2, Intuition 2, Keen Sight 1

Description: A small, wirey fellow who often seems to be not there and who is so very easily overlooked. He has a muddy complexion, brown eyes and dark hair. His clothes fit him poorly, as his frame tends to be too slight for them.

King Arthur

The following is an excerpt from an email to a player detailing the character.

You are playing none other than King Arthur I of Great Britain, former Prince of Wales. Born in Israel to King William V and Queen Caroline
during a state visit, you now stand 7' tall and are well-muscled with reddish-brown hair and a winning smile.

Because of your immense popularity and shrewd statesmanship, you wield more power than British monarchs do in 2000. The United Kingdom and Germany are the two most influential members of the EU, you can exert no small degree of control over the entire EU. As a testament to your popularity, your symbol of the lion has become a popular motif throughout the Empire. Your pagan beliefs are getting some acclaim as well, and the Church of Scotland is becoming a blend of Christianity, Judaism and Celtic Neo-paganism.

Perhaps your greatest weakness, though, is a sense of ambition. You see yourself as a beneficent leader who could really get humanity going in the right direction if you were given the chance. Sadly, the days of the House of Windsor are waning and it's only through the excellent leadership of your ancestors Elizabeth II and William V that the monarchy has survived. You've managed to empower the W.Z.A. as a real agent of change in the world, but secretly hate the endless debates and problems that parliamentary government poses. For the past 14 years, the Secretary-General position has become more and more powerful, and your name is beginning to be mentioned as a possible successor to the Secretariat.

If any one man stands in your way, it is the insufferable charismatic Mabus bin Khan al Sulam, King of Iran. With Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as strong allies, the nominal leader of the triumvirate kings of the Islamic League carries considerable weight. The two of you have been politely sparring in the media, but it is clear that al-Sulam is no friend of yours. He will be traveling to New York City to visit the W.Z.A. Security Council in person. It is anticipated that despite EU and American protests, the W.Z.A. will accept his proposal to arbitrate the Australian-Indonesian peace agreement and send a peacekeeping force. If they are able to gain actual combat experience, your military experts assure you that the I.L. may have the best military force in the world. Not only that, but the spotlight on you is moving, the audience's attention is dissipating… something must be done quickly to silence him.

Kept secret from the rest of the world, your Coldstream Guards are an efficient paramilitary force which are completely at your disposal. You get three Double-O caliber NPC agents as well as a support organization to back them up. There are also more mundane guards in the Coldstream order — 120 or so.

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