Over the Edge Character: Aston Martin, Pulp Hero

Aston "Doc" Martin is a character I created for a friend's Over the Edge game.


Central Trait: Strong-jawed Pulp Adventure Hero

  • Stout build, tanned skin, flaming orange hair and beard, mismash of practical outdoorsy garb
  • Equally at home brandishing a machete, a gun, or a whip — and often carrying all three

Side Trait: True Renaissance Man

  • In his exotic accent, he can converse a little in any tongue, so it would seem
  • Like his skill with languages, he is proficient in most every practical endeavor. He's an incorrigible name-dropper as well, and each skill comes with an anecdote (and probably a bauble).
  • A tinkerer at heart, he can cobble together a gadget for any occasion.

Side Trait: Prince Charming

  • Has the bearing of a natural-born leader, yet the appeal of a common man
  • Savoir-faire in spades, quite the dancer
  • Quite the charmer, too, with a signature winning smile


If he wants something done right, he does it himself. Deep down, he feels that others are incompetent.

Person of Import

His nephew Lockheed, who dreams of taking over his legacy someday. Lockheed remind Aston very strongly of himself at a young age,
much to the chagrin of the Martin family. Lockheed is the son of Crown Price Conrad Fender Martin.


Prince Charming, indeed! He is actually a prince, heir to the throne of the eastern European Duchy of Siminia. Should his
heritage be discovered, there would be a clamor for him to return and assume his rightful place when his ailing father passes away.

Although it is common knowledge that he grew up in the palace with Crown Prince Conrad, very few know that he is actually Conrad's older brother.

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